Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus

Do you still believe?

Every year at this time of the year, my heart is so full and all I want to do is give. I remember when I found out as a child how unhappy I was that there was no Santa Claus, but I have continued to believe in someone that gives to all, so you see deep within I DO believe in Santa Claus( or the true spirit of giving to others). I believe that there are wonderful people out there that give everything that they have for others. The greatest example that we have of this is our Savior. He has given us everything.

Maybe my feeling this way comes from parents making Christmas this way or maybe it all stems from a very special Christmas in my youth. It was the Christmas of 1978. My parents were struggling financially and we just figured that we would not have Christmas.

I guess that was not what was really meant to happen that crisp December of my childhood. That year I remember feeling so loved. I remember one night coming home and there were boxes and boxes of gifts on our front porch. We were so excited, but that is not all. They just continued each night. One night there was a box of food. I remember there being everything that I could think of. There was potatoes, fruit, hamburger, and many other items. One night a family brought a Christmas dinner over and left it on the porch. That year as we left for Salt Lake to go and see family on Christmas Eve we returned to again another box with a card and presents with no name. I remember my parents and us older children just crying because of the generosity of so many hearts. I felt so overwhelmed that someone would love us so much to share with us.

As we all went to bed that night I remember hearing a knock and a jingling. It was Santa. My parents told me later that it was one of our friends disguised as Santa and he was bringing more big gifts to be left for us from still more people. What a Christmas!!! Why us??? There was nothing we could do to repay the many people because we had no idea who they were but we could love EVERYONE a little more. We were reminded to "Love thy neighbor as thyself."

This was such a special Christmas and I was so touched by the true spirit of Christmas that me and my family, and to this day every year I pass on what has been given to me and my family many years ago.

SO YOU SEE YES, There still is a Santa Claus, and he lives on.

WE BELIEVE!!! DO YOU??? I hope that we can all find some way to be a giver or Santa to someone this year and change their lives like someone has changed my life and my family's life.


Lara said...

Wonderful story. I love that he came as Santa to bring the gifts.

And Of Course I believe! Bria told me Snata wasn't real the other day and I didn't want to have that conversation...but then I realized she only meant the Santa at the mall. Phewsh.

Erin said...

I agree with you. The spirit of Santa and giving live on!

Sherrie said...

What a wonderful, memorable Christmas! Very touching story. I am definately a BELIEVER!