Thursday, December 11, 2008

Memory of a feeling

Do you have a memory of a feeling at Christmastime?? This time of year always has been very special to me, probably because my parents always made it a special time when I was a child, but I know it has much deeper and many more reasons for this memory.

This time of year brings back deep feelings of falling in LOVE. I remember the first time my husband picked me up on a blind date was at Christmastime and I was listening to Christmas music. We went on a double date and went to see the lights at Temple Square. We also saw Mr. Kruger's Christmas while we were there. Two weeks later he sent me roses. This impressed my mom but I didn't think much of us at that time.

We dated on and off for the next year and the next Christmas I made him a quilt. He loved it. It was at that time that I began to fall in love. I still have the Christmas CD that was playing both the first year I met him and the next year when I began to fall in love and when I play it even now it brings back many deep feelings.

The cd is "Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton's Once Upon a Christmas". There are many romantic Christmas songs on that cd, one of my favorites is " A Christmas to Remember". Maybe you need a romantic cd for this time of the year, check this one out. It has many beautiful songs. I have probably bought 4-5 of these cds through the year because they get used so much at this time of the year. I have a sister that also loves this cd, because it was played so much at our house when I was at home. It is amazing how music can bring back some wonderful deep feelings, in this case deep feelings of LOVE. What a great time for romance!!!!!

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susette said...

How sweet! Me and my honey were engaged during the Christmas season. We actually married in January and so yes Christmas is a romantic time of year. I have always been partial to the Carpenters. I love Karen's rich, buttery voice.