Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Try this Out, you just might like it

There is a tradition in our house and before I share it with you I thought I would tell you how it came to be a tradition.

Many years ago when Mike and I were dating, we were going to a family Christmas party and we only had directions but really didn't know where we were going so we looked and we looked and we drove around for hours trying to find a certain church house. We were not having any luck and we were getting hungry and thirsty so we decided to take a break and stop at 7-Eleven and get a drink. Mike bought a thing of Egg Nog and a big fountain drink of Sprite. I thought nothing of it until he started to mix them together.

YUCK!!! I said. How could you drink that? Well I didn't know that this was a drink that was very frequently drunk during the holiday season at his house. I finally gave in and tried it. I really didn't think that I would like it, because I am not a big Egg Nog fan. I was very much surprised, because it was GREAT.

Ok so if you are saying the same thing that I did, "Yuck", then at least go buy some and give it a try. My kids just love it and most people that I have had try it like it too.

Oh yeah just remember it helps to take a knife or fork and get some of the fizz out of the Sprite first and then add the Egg Nog. I usually use half of Egg Nog and half of Sprite.

If you are daring enough, I really think you will like it, but Let me know if you like it. I guess if you don't try it you will just think that I am crazy, but most of you already know that I am.


humming fun said...

I think it is so funny that we dont use a spoon to mix it with. Has to be a kniff for fork. It just would not be the same if we used a spoon.

Lara said...

I still say Yuck. That's how my family drinks it, and I just can't abide egg nog, sprite or not. I'm glad you like it, though!

Teresa said...

Sounds yummy to me. I will definately try it!

susette said...

Maceys grocery store was doing tasting tables all over the store on Saturday and egg nog and sprite was one of the goodies they were serving. I actually think it's pretty tasty.