Thursday, December 18, 2008

Think before you make it a tradition

One of our traditions ever since the kids were real small is that we put together a gingerbread house every year. When we were small we thought it was great fun, but definitely a lot of work. As life has become crazier we have tried to get out of it but I guess when you start a tradition you should make sure that it is a tradition that you are willing to continue for a LONG time. The last four years or so we have just bought the gingerbread prepackaged box at Walmart and that has made it real easy, but this year we decided to try it the real way, starting with making gingerbread. What a lot of work, but the kids love it and this gingerbread house is definitely cuter than the one that comes in the box.
Doesn't look much like a gingberbread house at this point.
You always have to have a fence and icicles on your gingerbread house.
This is the finished gingerbread house. Isn't it cute???
I guess the advice is make sure you want to start a tradition before you start because it is often hard to quit a tradition once it has started.


Erin said...

Ahhh, gingerbread houses. We've only made them once, but once was enough! Like you said, it's so time consuming. But they sure are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy! We made one last year, and you are right, it is a lot of work. Fun, though!

Rae said...

That is one AWESOME gingerbread house!!

Lara said...

This girl I used to work with made me the most elaborate gingerbread house I have ever was more like a gingerbread mansion, actually. It was so pretty I didn't want to eat it!

Anyway, yours is a very close second! Great job guys!